Vision & Sensory Integration

Connecting Vision & Body

Undetected by typical vision screenings, many educators and doctors are unaware Functional Vision problems even exist. Vision & Sensory Integration can help correct Functional Vision Problems by retraining you or every member of your family’s visual system to work properly.


Update 26 March 2020

Vision and Sensory Integration will be contactable for emergency appointments. You can call on 3843 3555 if you need to be seen for painful red eyes, distortions in your vision, flashes or floaters that appear suddenly.

We will not be seeing new patients for behavioural optometry consultations or routine review appointments.

We will be offering remote vision therapy appointments for our existing vision therapy patients, or if you have been waiting to get into vision therapy, please contact me so we can get you set up.

If you need contact lenses please get in touch and I will place an order for 3-6 months supply for you.

I will be contacting all existing bookings personally and advising them of our planning to meet their requirements once we have turned the curve on this virus.

Thankfully, the future of Vision and Sensory Integration is not in doubt. So whether you need me in a week, a month, or a year, I’ll be here to help.

Stay safe,

Antoinette du Preez


At Vision & Sensory Integration, our mission is to preserve, restore and enhance the vision of every member of your family. We are committed to giving you the most thorough eye care and personal attention using the most modern technology.

We provide optometric vision therapy to correct functional vision problems in children and adults. Optometric vision therapy is the use of lenses, prisms and eye exercises and activities prescribed by a developmental optometrist. The goal is to develop the visual skills so the visual system is working easily and efficiently.

How can this help you?

Prevent vision problems and eye problems from developing.

Provide vision improvement, remediation or rehabilitation for vision or eye problems that have already developed (e.g. eye turn, shortsightedness, visual problems due to brain trauma etc).


Vision & Sensory Integration is only a phone call away. Contact us today for your comprehensive eye examination (07) 3843 3555 or use our convenient online request form for more information.