How long does a consultation go for?

An initial behavioural consultation goes for 60 minutes and subsequent review appointments are 30 minutes.  Testing takes longer as we test all aspects of eye coordination as well as visual perception.

Do I need a referral?

No, you do not need a referral.  A questionnaire will be emailed to you in relation to you/your child.  Please fill this out prior to you coming in for you/your child’s appointment.

What ages should I have my child’s eyes checked?

Routine checks are recommended at 3-6 months of age; 3 years old; Prep; Grade 2 and every 2-3 years thereafter or when you suspect any problems.

What does my private health fund cover?

If you have extras cover with your fund, you are entitled to a rebate for optical appliances i.e. prescription glasses, contact lenses, safety glasses, shooting glasses and swimming goggles.  Every fund differs with regards to the amount of the rebate and the level of cover.  When you purchase your glasses we are able to swipe your private health insurance card through the HICAPS machine to claim electronically and you will be required to pay for the balance.

What are the fees?

Consultation costs are as follows:

  • Initial behavioural consultation and assessment (including written report – 60 mins)- $180.00 (Medicare rebate between $29.35 – $87.70)
  • Initial standard optical consultation (45 mins)- $85.00 (Medicare rebate between $29.35 and $57.70)
  • Review appointment/short consultation (30 mins)- $60.00 (Medicare Rebate $29.35)
  • Visual field testing (30 mins)- $65.00 (Medicare Rebate $54.20)

Will my child need eye drops for the test?

It is sometimes a requirement to put drops into children’s eyes during an eye test. If a child does not demonstrate good visual acuity, it may be necessary during the first visit or upon a return visit.  If there is a need for eye drops, this will be discussed with parents before any action is taken.