What is Orthokeratology?

Orthokeratology (also known as OrthoK, OK, corneal reshaping, corneal refractive therapy (CRT), or vision shaping treatment (VST)) involves gently reshaping the cornea to temporarily modify or eliminate refractive error. OrthoK is an innovative way of wearing contact lenses – custom lenses are worn overnight, temporarily altering the shape of the cornea enough to produce clear, lasting vision after removal and throughout the day.


Who should consider this treatment?

OrthoK is more suited to shortsighted (myopic) patients and can be done on ages 8 – 50 years old. Ideally persons who are not more shortsighted than -4.00 and don’t have astigmatism greater than -1.50.  Research studies are also indicating this as one of two effective treatments in myopia control or reduction of myopia progression.

What is involved?

  • An initial consultation of 30-45 minutes to review the suitability, ocular health, and topographical measurements of the eye.
  • Arrange trial lens based on measurement and consultation to teach insertion and handling.
  • Patient wears lenses overnight.
  • Patient returns to clinic first thing next morning for review whether trial was successful and post topographical measurement
  • If correct result achieved then order custom lenses.
  • If result not correct then need to have a week off lenses and perform trial with adjusted trial lenses.
  • Review in 1 week
  • Review in 1 month
  • Review in 3 months
  • Review in 6 months
  • Review in 12 months